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holistic remedies in a row in glass jars with a background of dried flowers


Giving your body what it needs to heal.



Homeopathy is a medicine that has existed for over 200 years. Its basic principle is to unlock the root cause of an illness, analyze all of the patient's symptoms (not just the ones associated with a disease), and prescribe a suitable remedy. Remedies are created from organic ingredients such as plant, animal, or mineral sources and are without chemicals or side effects. With a focus on natural substances and personalized treatment, homeopathy provides an alternative to conventional medicine, aiming to minimize side effects and maximize the body's self-healing capabilities.




A complementary form of medicine with no harsh side effects, safe to use alongside other medications, and treatment plans.



Medicines are successful in treating long-term chronic conditions, short-term acute illnesses or as a preventative treatment.



Treatment of the whole person, looking at the physical, mental, emotion, lifestyle, and many other factors not just symptoms of a disease.


What's unique about homeopathy is the idea that a tiny bit of something that can make you sick can also make you better when it's super diluted. This method is all about looking at each person's unique situation and using very gentle treatments, making it different from regular medicine that often uses stronger drugs.

When I take your full health history, I'll explore all aspects of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, aiming to uncover the root cause of your health concern. Each treatment plan is personalized, and I'll select only natural remedies that best suit you and will aid in your holistic healing process.

a holistic liquid remedy in an amber glass jar surrounded by dried baby's breath

"Using the 'law of similars' homeopathy matches a person to a single remedy, treats all symptoms of a person, healing them on all levels of being. It addresses the root cause of the whole person and their illness."


Initial Consultation

Thoroughly explore all aspects and identify a root cause, followed by the recommendation of a tailored homeopathic remedy.


Up to 2 hours


Follow-Up Consultation

A check-in to assess the progress of the treatment and offer recommendations for the next follow up.


45-60 mins 


Acute Consultation

Heal faster with homeopathy. We'll evaluate your acute symptoms and suggest a remedy to address them.

30 mins 


All sessions are available remotely.

  • What results can I expect for weight loss?
    On average you can expect to lose 5%-8% of your total body weight in the first 16 days and then 1%-2% per week thereafter until optimal body weight has been achieved.
  • Is this covered under benefits?
    Yes! It falls under either Nutritional Counselling or a Health Spending Account.
  • How soon can I get started?
    Once your labs are completed it can take up to 3 business days to receive your meal plan.
  • Do you work with vegans/vegetarians?
    While protein options are limited a plan can be generated for those who eat dairy and eggs.
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